Review: Parham's Field

Sending out a new book for review is a nerve-wracking experience. It’s like sending one of your children into a beauty pageant. Is it tough enough? Is it rough enough? Is it rich enough to love enough? One never knows until those words come back in.

Indie authors live and die by reviews. Whether it’s an Amazon review, a Good Reads review, or a review from a blog, book reviews are the best way to spread the word about new horror fiction. Horror is the red-headed mutated stepchild of fiction genres as it is; we horror folk are a small shire of fandom, and putting the word out about a book we like is not always easy.

With all that said, please find here a review of my latest novella, Parham’s Field, from Nev Murray of Confessions of a Reviewer, a UK based horror fiction review site. All I will say by way of¬†introduction is this: Nev gets it. And I am ever so grateful.

You can purchase Parham’s Field right from the “Books” page of this here website. Won’t you? We’ll all be pleased if you’ll make that decision.

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